Terms and Conditions

These general conditions have as their object the sale of various products through the site ferricalzature.com and relative domains of property of the seller.
All contracts will be concluded directly through access by the customer to the website corresponding to ferricalzature.com, where, the customer may conclude the contract for the purchase of the desired product following carefully the indications and procedures provided.
These general conditions of sale must be examined "online" by the customer, before the completion of the purchase procedure. The forwarding of the order confirmation therefore implies total knowledge of it and their full acceptance.
Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. operates in compliance with Italian law.

The sole holder of the sale through the site ferricalzature.com is:
Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c.
Viale Caduti del Lavoro 53 25127 Brescia (BS)
All the contents of the site are protected and by the current rules on copyright and industrial and/or intellectual property

Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. and related property domains, sells high quality products.
All the products on sale are directly supplied by the respective manufacturers, thus guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of each item offered for sale.
The producers of these goods offer a guarantee whose minimum duration depends on the type of product purchased, in full compliance with the laws in force. The guarantee starts from the day of purchase of the goods.
All products sold on ferricalzature.com and related property domains are covered by a legal guarantee of compliance and comply with the terms set out in the Consumer Code, Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, Title III, Chapter I, art. 128 and ss.
The warranty on the product is only applicable in cases where the product has been used correctly respecting its intended use and complying with the instructions for use and maintenance.
The Customer may exercise his/her right upon presentation of a document proving the purchase and identification document of the order, it is therefore advisable to keep the receipt/invoice received with the goods and the original order of the same for the period of 24 months.
The warranty is not applicable in case of product defect caused by its normal use.

Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. is responsible for the online order management function. It is forbidden to use Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. to contravene Italian laws and regulations or any other state.
All information and content published on the portal are considered necessary for the provision of e-commerce service to its customers.
All the contents related to the products available for sale and to the brands identifying the product and the company were supplied directly by the companies producing and/or distributing, Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. is not responsible for any discrepancies regarding the data sheets and information. In the event that inaccuracies are found, we invite the Users to report them so that any corrections can be made.
All information contained within the portal and related domains of property are in compliance with Italian legislation, it is not guaranteed therefore compliance with the legislation of other foreign countries.
Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. guarantees the implementation of all procedures to secure its portal from malware in accordance with the normal standards provided for the web network.
Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. is not liable for any loss of data, malfunctioning of services, etc. attributable to:

 - incorrect use of the portal by the User
- deactivation of cookies in the User’s browser
- failure of the User to use/install suitable antivirus and protection systems on his Internet browsing device.
Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. reserves the right to modify its web portal whenever it deems it necessary, correcting and reviewing the contents published within the same between here these terms and conditions of use of the portal and information to the Customer.
All Customers/Users are advised to pay attention to any updates to the portal and to periodically check any changes in the conditions of use and legal terms.

Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. operates according to Italian legislation and, for any dispute, refers to the Court of Brescia.
The content of the site may, therefore, not be in compliance with the provisions of the regulations applied in other countries.
It is forbidden to access the site and its domains owned by countries in which its contents violate the law. Users who access the site from these countries are aware of the legal sanctions and consequences and will be solely responsible for compliance with the laws in force on the local territory.
The purchase transactions are governed by Italian Law, in particular by DDL 6 September 2005 n.206 CODICE DEL CONSUMO' and DL 9 April 2003, n. 70 'DECRETO E-COMMERCE'.

Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. owns all the contents of the portal and its domains of property, it is therefore forbidden the use and distribution of all the images and graphic contents contained therein if not this written authorization issued by Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c.
All the contents of the articles available for sale have been supplied and authorized by the manufacturers and/or distributors. Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. is therefore not responsible for any discrepancies between the items delivered and those shown in the product identification image.

All the contents present inside the portal of Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. and relative domains of property are of exclusive property. Included are images, documents, fonts, design elements, music, software, codes and format scripts. All the material published within the portal is protected by copyright.
It is forbidden any reproduction, distribution, publication, and alteration of the contents to present in the portal for commercial purposes, except in the presence of express written consent by Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c.
It is forbidden to use any content on the website, including trademarks, for any other purpose other than the direct sale of products published on the website to end users.