Returns and Refunds


In accordance with Art. 52 et seq. of Legislative Decree no. 21 21 February 2014, the customer can exercise the right of withdrawal, returning the goods received, obtaining the refund of the price paid.

The buyer may exercise the right of withdrawal in the event that:

for any reason he/she is not satisfied with the purchase made, he/she has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 5 working days from the day of receipt of the goods purchased (withdrawal for full-price items only; excluding items subject to sales and/or promotions).
Method of withdrawal: In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must, within the period indicated above, send us a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, or send an e-mail to the email address.

This communication must contain all the data necessary to identify the order and the buyer, the indication of the product/ products for which is intended to exercise the right of withdrawal, copy of the sales document accompanying the goods received (for products already delivered).
All the costs of returning the products are responsability of the customer who, directly or by other means, will provide for the delivery of the same at the seller home; all items must be received in the same conditions of receipt, provided with the original packaging and any manuals and/or instruction booklets whose are part of the packaging and the original packaging; it is not allowed to return the goods in any other way.
Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. will carry out the necessary checks on the returned goods, reserving to verify that the products have been returned in the state of origin and with the original packaging; in that case, the consumer shall receive back the full amount paid for the purchase of the products.

In case of withdrawal after delivery of the goods, the transport costs incurred for the delivery of the product to the customer and for any return to the reference manufacturer, are not refundable.

The right of withdrawal can NOT be exercised if:
the goods are made to measure or subject to changes and customizations made at the express request of the buyer at the time of order;

they are audiovisual products or sealed computer software, opened by the consumer;
they are goods which, by their nature, cannot be returned and sent back because of the high risk of deterioration and/or rapid alteration. This condition should also apply in case of receipt of products found to be altered and/or deteriorated due to longer transit time of the goods due to the absence of the consignee at the delivery address.
Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. undertakes to send this type of products with transit of 24/48H to the address indicated for delivery.

they are sealed goods which are not suitable for return for hygienic or health protection reasons and which have been opened after delivery.

Form for the exercise of the right of withdrawal - annex B to Legislative Decree no. pursuant to art.49, paragraph 1, lit. h):
- Consignee [the name, geographical address and, where available, telephone, fax and e-mail addresses must be entered by the trader]:
- We (*) hereby notify the withdrawal from my/our (*) sales contract of the following goods/services (*)
- Ordered on (*)/received on (*)
- Name of/consumer(s)
- Address of/of the consumer(s)
- Consumer/consumer signature(s) (only if this form is notified on paper)
- Date
(*) Delete where not applicable.


In the event that the Customer chooses an order refund, Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. will carry it out following these ways:

For orders paid by credit card we will immediately cancel the transaction with the sending of communication relating to the customer accompanied by a report of the cancellation. The Customer can verify the crediting of the amount within about 10 days, the waiting period varies according to the banking circuit to which the credit card is tied.
For orders paid through Paypal we will proceed to the immediate refund on Paypal account of the Customer.
For orders paid by bank transfer, the customer will provide Ferri and Fiorina s.n.c. with their bank details in order to proceed with refund.
For payments received electronically (credit card/paypal), in addition to the methods mentioned above, the Customer may request the refund also by bank transfer, by sending us written communication with full indication of the data necessary to make the refund.
In all cases of return, Ferri e Fiorina s.n.c. has the right to withold the refund until the goods have been correctly delivered to the warehouse of departure or, according to agreements, until the proof of shipment of the return to be provided by the customer.


In the event that the Customer, at the time of verification of the delivered items, finds manufacturing defects, damage or an error in the sending of the article with respect to the order, within 5 days the consumer can request the free return of non-conforming goods by sending an e-mail with a request for return to the address provided in the contacts indicating in the communication the reference to the order number, code and description of the article to be rendered and detailed justification.

In case of damage or manufacturing defects, it is required to send photographic documentation to identify the non-conformity. Following communication to the customer with communication of the Return Authorization Number and waybill for the collection of goods at the address of the customer.


The return for damage/ manufacturing defect/ non-conformity with the order is totally free.

The performance of returns following the exercise of the right of withdrawal is the sole responsibility of the Customer. The Customer, if it deems it opportune, has the right to ask to Ferri and Fiorina s.n.c. the use of own logistic service to payment.

In all cases, the goods must be returned in their original packaging, which is considered to be an integral part of the product and must not have been damaged or used as a single packaging for shipment. In the case of returns of sports clothing and accessories, it is essential that the garments have not been worn, washed or otherwise bear no sign of use. All garments must be made complete with original labels and accessories received with the order.

Failure to comply with the above-mentioned return instructions shall result in its non-acceptance.

All returns will be sent directly from the customer’s address to the manufacturer’s warehouse by triangulation with express courier. It will then follow verification of the condition of the goods.

Once returned accepted, the Customer may choose to:

Receive the product according to the order (in case of return for damage/manufacturing defect/incorrect article)
Request a refund of the order for the value of the goods.


The Customer, upon delivery of the goods by the carrier in charge, must kindly verify that the packaging is intact to view and without any signs of tampering. In case the Customer finds such anomalies he has the right to sign the delivery receipt with reservation, or refuse the package.
The Customer must also verify at the opening of the package that the quantity and items delivered correspond to what is indicated in your order.

Any discrepancies found at the time of collection of the package both during the verification of the goods must be promptly notified by email.

In the event that the delivery does not take place for reasons attributable to the Customer (recipient absent continuously, wrong address, wrong telephone number issued for contact with courier, etc.) with consequent openings of practices of storage or remittance in shipment and eventual burdens accessories, will be considered at the expense of the Customer. Such greater expenses will be computed to the manifestation of such situations and the payment of the same ones is to be considered fundamental element for the return of the goods.